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Meet the Governors

It is the responsibility of the Governing Body to raise standards at the school, to work strategically as part of the leadership team and to act as a critical friend to the staff.  They are accountable to parents and the local community as well as to government via Ofsted inspections and reports to the Local Authority.

The Governing Body of our School is made up of 14 people and a Clerk as follows:

                                                                                                           Term of office ends


         Head Teacher              Mr Kevin Bellinger


Staff Governor             Mrs Louise Knock                                          25/09/2020

Parent Governors          Mrs Julia Falce                                            10/02/2021
                                    Mrs Claire Buck                                           10/02/2018
                                    Mr Andrew Kilgour                                       26/01/2020

Local Authority
Ms Sally Moloney (Vice Chair)                       25/08/2020

 Governors                   Mr Richard Aslett                                          10/03/2019
                                   Mrs Penelope Bateman                                  10/02/2018

                                   Mrs Jennifer Evans (Chair)                              10/03/2019

                                   Mrs Jill Hancock                                            10/03/2019
                                   Miss Christine Hicks                                       21/03/2018

                                   Mrs Sule Morley                                             10/03.2019

                                   Mr Thomas Persson                                        18/11/2019

                                   Miss Tina Rhoda                                             10/03/2019
Clerk to Governors       Mrs Vivienne Trickey


Governors Responsibilities:

Literacy: Mrs J Evans

Numeracy:  Mr T Persson


ICT: Mr A. Kilgour 

Pupil Premium:  Ms S Moloney

History:  Ms S Moloney

Safeguarding/Child Protection/

     Children in Care/Young Carers:  Mrs P Bateman

SEND/Healthy Food Schools:  Mrs C Buck

Babcock4S Link Governor:  Miss T Rhoda

Early Years:  Mrs S Morley

RE:  Mr R Aslett

Health & Safety:  Mr R Aslett

Liaison with LA in the event of an allegation

      against HT:  Mrs J Evans


Governing Body Members Declaration of Interests and Meetings Attendance Sept 16 - Aug 17