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PTA Newsletter November 2017

Chair:  Nina Denny                  Secretary:  Ana Rose

Future Events:

The PTA hold regular events throughout the year please see below some of the events that are already planned for the forthcoming year.


11th October - Bags 2 School Collection
18th October - Uniform Sale

20th October - Halloween Cake Sale 

4th November – Fireworks

14th November – PTA Meeting

18th November – own clothes day for Christmas Hamper donations

25th November – Christmas Event

6th and 7th December - KS2 Christmas Concerts, hamper raffle ticket sales

13th and 14th December - Nativity Plays, hamper raffle ticket sales

16th December - Hamper raffle drawn

20th December – Pantomime

27th January - School Disco 

9th February – Valentine’s Day Cake and Uniform sale

15th February – Half Term Cinema event 

10th March - Comedy Club event 

Mid March - Easter event 

23rd March - Easter Cake and Uniform Sale

3rd May - Bags 2 School

9th June - June Fair 




The PTA had another great year of events and activities in 2014/15 which resulted in a fantastic sum of £21,055 being raised.  Thank you to everyone who helped to contribute, whether by helping at events or attending and supporting those events.  Some of this money was spent on:

·        KS1 playground lighthouse

·        KS2 playground musical instruments, maze seating and storytelling chair

·        KS1 mosaic alphabet in the Infant corridor

·        Year 3 / 4 Viking longboat workshop

·        Year 4 Swimming

·        Year 5 Duckling hatching experience

·        Year 6 Bikeability

·        Smoothie bikes during healthy living week

·        Planetarium for whole school

·        Insect Lore in every classroom

·        Solar glasses for every child to view the eclipse

·        Christmas Pantomime (to be repeated again this year)

·        Don Rae Dance Workshop during Enrichment Week

·        Phonics books

·        £1,000 to assist in the purchase of production lighting in the hall

·        SENCO equipment

·        Music stands



Picture 1 Duckling Hatching
Picture 2 Planetarium