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Covid Catch Up Funding

Catch-Up Funding

In August 2020, the Government announced additional funding for schools to help their pupils catch up in their learning following the National lockdown in the summer term 2020.

The amount allocated to Tatsfield Primary School based on eligible pupils is £16 320.

The Education Endowment Fund (EEF) provided early research evidence around projections for the impact of school closures during lockdown. The school’s strategic response to devising and implementing the Catch-Up programme takes these findings into account as well as other EEF research findings. In summary, the EEF projections for the impact of widespread school closures identify


• The disadvantaged attainment gap widens

• Assessment of lost learning is crucial

• Targeted support in addition to wider school initiatives are required

• Absence rates upon return are crucial


Effective home learning programmes have been found to mitigate the impact of some of these. Our Home learning provision throughout the summer proved successful and early intervention and assessments in the summer term for those children who did return also had a significant impact.


All children returned successfully in September and staff quickly assessed the children. It was found the school did not require a new Catch up Curriculum but effective responses to the gaps identified and catch up programmes put in place.


Whilst the take up of remote learning was strong, certain areas of the curriculum writing and Reading particularly needed more attention on children’s return to school and certain children were identified whose progress had slowed.


School Leaders and staff at Tatsfield used a range of assessments and observations over the first half of the autumn term in order to identify children who would benefit most from catch up funding and identified the areas that will make the most sustained impact going forward.


Our use of Catch Up funding will not replace our usual curriculum offer for all children where they are supported every day to achieve and progress, and our commitment achieving the best outcomes for all our pupils remains the same.