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Welcome to Woodpecker Class!



Welcome to the start of a new academic year in the juniors. I am looking forward to the year ahead, especially getting to know and work with all of the children.


Year 3 is an important and exciting year for the class. As the children move into Key Stage 2, they will face new challenges and will develop their independence.


Over the course of the year, pupils will learn a plethora of interesting facts which will hopefully spark curiosity within a wide range of subjects, some of which are new to us, such as French.   Our History and Geography topics include: the Stone Age, Iron Age, Romans and the Mayans.


We will further develop our fluency in English and Mathematics, building on from what we learnt in Kingfishers. There will be a focus on Roald Dahl and we will use stories, including beautifully illustrated picture books to inspire our writing.


Where possible, learning will be enriched with visitors, including Theatre Exchange, and in the summer we hope to visit Wakehurst. 


All the best,

Mrs L.Knock


Curriculum Evening 2020

Constructing our Photograph Frames

Wakehurst Class Trip

Interviewing and answering in role

A Curious Incident... Our Wow English Moment

Tree Planting!

We used our maps of the school during our Easter egg hunt!

Painting in the style of the Impressionists

Investigating Friction

Perform! Anti-Bullying Workshop

Odd Sock Day!

Runaround Maths: Arrays

Investigating Soils

Stone Age to the Iron Age Theatre Exchange Afternoon

Word Processing

Using Our Sketchbooks to Collate Ideas for Our Cave Painting Art

Playing the Exchange Game to Help Understand Subtraction and Recombining

Making Pop Ups

Team Building!

'Stone Age Boy' Drama

Runaround Maths

Rock Permeability Science Experiment

Harvest Goods

Our Stone Age 'Dig'!

PSHE and 'Operation Tangram': Working Co-operatively

Comparing and Sorting Rocks

Team Building: 'Crossing the Swamp'

Playing the 'Build It' Game to Learn About Exchanging and Place Value

Using Different Manipulatives to Make a Number